Dec 082009

I don’t like to get into people’s private business, especially when it comes to celebrities and politics, but I had to laugh out loud when DH’s January edition of Golf Digest arrived in the mail yesterday. 10 Tips Obama Can Take from Tiger… I mean really? I know this cover was thought of WAY before this new instance in Tiger’s family’s life, no way they could have foreseen what was to come.

Please keep both of these men in your prayers, who we judge daily by our worldly views; at this moment they need to be graced by our God who is greater than this “story”.
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Dec 072009

I feel so selfish, I have not let you in on this sweet giveaway schedule that Dave Ramsey has posted on his website.

Every day he is giving away something new, so you need to visit every day to get a new chance. Today is $3,000, how much would that help with your emergency fund, debt snowball or 3-6 months expenses… not to mention Christmas shopping if you’re complete on the previous three steps!

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Dec 012009

A few years ago, I was really upset with Lowe’s for advertising “family trees” rather than “Christmas Trees”. It seems retailers all over this country are getting more PR sensitive when it comes to Our Father and his most precious Son, Jesus, especially during the Christmas season. My thought – if it weren’t for such and AMAZING occurrence, this whole Christmas, wise men, gift giving thing wouldn’t have even started in the first place.

There is a great website that was sent to me by Focus on the Family, it is called Stand For Christmas, where Christian’s are able to gather their thoughts on where to shop now, and in the future, in relation to how they are promoting, or demoting, the Christmas holiday.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and I wish you all a prosperous season!

PS – Lowe’s DID offer an apology for their mistake.
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