Oct 192009

As I prepare for the upcoming holiday season, I am on the lookout for some decent toy deals for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree and the US Marine Corps Sponsored Toys for Tots.

This week at Target the Playskool Musical Sit and Spins are on sale for $20, after $10 coupon found in 10/18 Smart Source coupon insert or $10 Internet Print, they are $10 each. Purchase 2 and make two children happy this Chrismas for the price of one.
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Oct 192009

I have said this before and I will say it again – Dave Ramsey is my Homeboy. I love that he teaches EASY financial principles, from the heart and from the Bible.

Right now he is offering a sweet deal on Financial Peace University studies. Until October 22, you can purchase the online course, lifetime membership AND online course and home study almost 60% off!

The online course is a series of 16 courses you are able to access for 16 weeks, which will guide you through the baby steps and provide you the motivation and biblical money guidance you need to get back in the game and living like no one else.

Lifetime membership allows you the benefit of attending any FPU course, any where, at no extra cost to you… ever! HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT?! The online course is still a series of 16 over 16 weeks.

Finally, the home study is everything you ever thought you needed and more to become financially fit. The kit includes: workbook, audio CD library, DVD library, starter envelope system, Financial Peace Revisited book, bonus CDs, budgeting forms, tip cards AND debit card holders.

Be sure you sign up for Dave’s Deals so you won’t miss out on another great sale as this one!

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Oct 122009

We took our Sweet DD to her first Oklahoma Sooners game this past weekend and we had a blast!

We had an opportunity to help out Ally’s House buy purchasing a pair of OU sunglasses, which DD donned the entire rest of the day. Ally’s House is a local Norman, Oklahoma charity which raises funding for children with cancer and their families.

We spent half of the day cruising around the campus and shops and enjoying the festivities before heading to our seats. We were lucky enough to snag second row end zone tickets, right next to the Schooner entrance and Ruf-Nek’s.

It was so fun to hear DD yelling for complete passes, defense, and touchdowns and participating in the OU cheers. She is her Father’s daughter for sure!
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Oct 012009
It has been a really long time since I last had a shot in the arm, or anywhere really. The last I can remember was a round of TB shots; that does not count though, because my brother and I had been getting those often enough when we were little to be immune to the pain and bubble.

Boy, my right arm hurts so bad right now! Pain is weakness leaving the body, or so I have heard in the past. Hopefully these flu fighters will be done quickly and I can get back to doing what I do without any aches.

I have to say though, my company paid for the shot (FREE!) and the register shot out a Walgreens Catalina for $3 off $15. YES!!! So, if you plan on getting your shot, choose Walgreens so you can get some moolah in return. The shot cost $24.99, the mist is about $10 more.
Here’s to a healthy winter season!
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