Sep 282009

Last weekend was our niece’s birthday, in which DD was not able to attend. This weekend we had our sweet girl, and we picked up our niece to hang out for her “birthday”. We decided to celebrate with movies.

I have not been a fan of watching movies for a long time, until we found Showboat Drive In . DH suggests that long is not the word to use, ever is better, hehe.

We took the truck out, blew up the mattress in the bed, set the girls up with cotton candy and M&M’s, and set our chairs up and enjoyed the shows.

These movies were both SO cute! DH really liked BandSlam because it was a TEEN movie with very little PDA and foul language, no parental back talk or pressing luck.

We always turn to Plugged In Online when we are picking the movies we chose to view with DD and her friends.
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