Sep 062009

I joined SwagBucks about two weeks ago and already have 113 SwagBucks. I am awaiting quite a few more because they had a special promotion in August for sending in your recyclable cell phones and old video games, sweet!

What is SwagBucks?
SwagBucks is a pay to search site. You get points for doing normal searches like you would on Google. You can then cash those points in for prizes such as gift cards, cds, video games, books, posters, etc. I have already cashed out for a $5 Amazon gift card, preparing for stocking stuffers! If you want to check it out or sign up as my referral, click the banner or link.

How does it work?
Search the web using SwagBucks and receive results from Google & Swag Bucks are periodically awarded as you search the web. A new toolbar has been created that you can also download, every day in September you will receive a note in your toolbar for a free SwagBuck. Redeem your SwagBucks at the SwagBucks store for exclusive offers.

Search & Win
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