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So, it is almost that time again, my baby brother will be celebrating another birthday. This year he will be 25, how ridiculous is that?! Well, I thought, since I AM the lovingist sister he has ever had, I should do a special shout out to him and recognize some of our fun times together. Here goes (in no particular order):
  • Remember when I smashed your hand on Christmas morning? I still feel bad about that, I feel tingles in my hand just typing it out.
  • Remember when we jammed out to horrible music on the beach patio that one year?! Mom was SO embarrassed, that was AwEsOmE!
  • Remember when you would ride your bike so close to mine that you would scrape my wheel, gosh I HATED that! Or when we’d fix our chains because they fell off.
  • Remember when we got to ride in the back of BJ’s Dodge truck to the river for fish fries? Or the crazy devil lady who’s kids couldnt come out after dark because Satan was lerking.
  • Remember when I won the lottery and gave you half? Me either, but one day… one day…
  • Remember when you car hood flew up on the car? I thought I was going to have a heart attack, so glad you weren’t hurt. Who needs pins?
  • Remember when you would not eat crabs with me at 3 in the morning at grandma’s? You were so mean, how could you not want to eat crabs at 3am?
  • Remember that friend who decided to sit in a cell rather than pay up? I am so glad you are a smart guy!
  • Remember when our aunt let you wear beads in our pictures, thank goodness we didn’t know about “happy” people back then. Wasn’t Dad so mad about it? Wait, didn’t you have on eye shadow? Pretty boy!
  • Thanks for not smoking anymore – that stuff reeks and makes your teeth look funny.
  • My favorite times are when Mom wants to take pictures and we give her the best shots possible.

Man, the list is so much longer! But, after all this time of us duking it out and blaming whatever it is on each other, you’re still the best little brother in the world, and I am glad we went to the donut shop that morning. Can you imagine if a cop chose you before mom and dad did!? CREEPY :)

“Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.” Proverbs 27:6

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    *remember when you thought it would be great
    fun to throw tshirts into the ceiling fan?

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