Sep 302009

Our family would like to lead a legacy, one of charity and perseverance.

DD and my favorite verse is,
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

With Christ, we can persevere through anything. We are on a rocky road right now with one gigantic issue, but it is nothing the Lord cannot handle. Therefore, we have turned it over to Him and continue to persevere.

When it comes to charitable giving, our family is on the right track. But, when it comes to charitable volunteering, we fall short. We have not gone, as a family, to work on behalf of a charitable organization in quite some time. Personally, I give to charity A LOT with all of the running I participate in, but that is not the type of legacy builder we need.

Disney has made a fantastic outreach starting January 1, 2010. The program is called “Give a Day. Get a Disney Day.” In which you pledge, and WORK, one day at a charitable organization from their list and they will give you a free day to any Disney Park.

Remember when I told you all about our trip in March 2010? Well, I will be getting the WHOLE family together so we can enjoy a free day during our Spring Break trip next year, and starting the progression of a new legacy.
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Sep 282009

Last weekend was our niece’s birthday, in which DD was not able to attend. This weekend we had our sweet girl, and we picked up our niece to hang out for her “birthday”. We decided to celebrate with movies.

I have not been a fan of watching movies for a long time, until we found Showboat Drive In . DH suggests that long is not the word to use, ever is better, hehe.

We took the truck out, blew up the mattress in the bed, set the girls up with cotton candy and M&M’s, and set our chairs up and enjoyed the shows.

These movies were both SO cute! DH really liked BandSlam because it was a TEEN movie with very little PDA and foul language, no parental back talk or pressing luck.

We always turn to Plugged In Online when we are picking the movies we chose to view with DD and her friends.
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Sep 282009

Saturday morning, while DH and DD were still sleeping, I slipped out to run my 8.16 miles. In tow were my fully charged IPod shuffle, kitchen timer (I have almost saved enough to buy a heart rate watch), water bottle and granola bar (breakfast at 6am).

My final goal is to run a 10 minute mile on 13ish miles. Today I ran a 12:30 average mile (8 miles = 100 minutes)… want to know why? I killed my IPod! Have you ever tried running a gazillion miles without music? It is incredibly difficult, especially for a lolly-gagger (ME!).

I have no idea what I did, I have been having a bit of trouble with the USB connecting with the computer (well, the USB part of the IPod keeps getting pulled out from its home, HAHA). Maybe it was all the sweat? 8 miles is pretty ridiculous! Well, the IPod passed away at about 6.54 miles, I messed with the ding dang thing for .50 miles and then decided to sing to myself – Because there was NO way I was getting home by the time we had to leave for DD’s 10am YMCA picture’s if there was no music.

LUCKILY, the last song I heard on the music stick was my FAVORITE running song: Inside Out by Cadia. It is a 10 minute mile song, and it is SO motivating in all that is going on in my life… and everywhere else!

You’re not alone
You’re not the only one who’s going through
What it is that ties you up and won’t let go of you
Just look around at every face standing in the crowd
You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about
You use to say you’d rather fade into the background
This is a new day, look at what your heart found
With everything you’ve bottled up and buried down inside
It’s pushing up like springtime
Time to bring it to the light
Everything we try to hide
Are you with me, are you ready to shine
From the inside out
Who cares what it looks like,
Oh yeah, take your heart for a joy ride
Go ahead you know that its alright now
To let the inside out
Go right ahead, you can rub your eyes in disbelief
Pinch yourself, cause maybe this is not a dream
God loves you with a love that’s gonna stick around
You see exactly what
I’m talking about
Time to bring it to the light
Everything we try to hide
Are you with me, are you ready to shine
From the inside out
Who cares what it looks like,
Oh yeah, take your heart for a joy ride
Go ahead you know that its alright now
To let the inside out

Is this not the best song in the world to jam to? Well, I pray you are ready to shine today because this is your day!
Happy Monday!
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Sep 142009

Today through Friday, September 18, Dave Ramsey is giving one lucky listener (and learner) of his show/website a chance to obtain an easy $999 emergency fund. All you have to do is add one of your $1 and you will be set on Baby Step 1.
There are two ways to enter:
Online: Visit the Dave Ramsey website and enter your information.
Text message: Text “cash” to 99158, standard text rate will apply. The “word” changes daily, so remember to check back for the update to be entered correctly!

He is also putting on a great sale and offering FREE shipping on all orders over $65 – ALL books, CDs and DVDs are $9.99!
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Sep 092009

Starting tonight at midnight, will be having a 99 hour sale on ALL gift certificates. This site is so easy to use:

  • enter your zip code, or destination zip code,
  • pick your restaurant,
  • pick your denomination,
  • enter the discount code: NINETY

You will end up paying $1.00 for a $25 gift certificate and $3.00 for $50 gift certificate. GREAT for taking your friends, siblings, parents and the in-laws out! No shipping, no handling, they are available for up to a year and you do not have to print it out right now (in case you misplace things when straightening up, like me).

Just a slight warning for this site, most restaurants require a minimum purchase before being able to use the certificate.

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Sep 062009

I joined SwagBucks about two weeks ago and already have 113 SwagBucks. I am awaiting quite a few more because they had a special promotion in August for sending in your recyclable cell phones and old video games, sweet!

What is SwagBucks?
SwagBucks is a pay to search site. You get points for doing normal searches like you would on Google. You can then cash those points in for prizes such as gift cards, cds, video games, books, posters, etc. I have already cashed out for a $5 Amazon gift card, preparing for stocking stuffers! If you want to check it out or sign up as my referral, click the banner or link.

How does it work?
Search the web using SwagBucks and receive results from Google & Swag Bucks are periodically awarded as you search the web. A new toolbar has been created that you can also download, every day in September you will receive a note in your toolbar for a free SwagBuck. Redeem your SwagBucks at the SwagBucks store for exclusive offers.

Search & Win
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Sep 032009

Remember when I told you about the Chick-fil-a Chicken Wave? Well, turns out this Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2009, if you wear your favorite teams logo you will get a FREE Original Chicken Sandwich.

Lunch is on me, as long as you wear the logo and bring $ for a drink :)

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Sep 022009
I found a great deal on eco-friendly shoes for my daughter from Simple Shoes. For $14.90 (regular $55.00) AND FREE SHIPPING, it is a deal that cannot be beat!

I also took a look at the following, and might have purchased them, but I will leave that in the air in case somebody special is reading, hehe. (I am a WAY before Christmas Shopper!!)
Women’s Messenger – BLC Leather $19.90, regular $120.00
Women’s UnderTOE – Silk $14.90, regular $75.00
Women’s GUMbo – Hemp $7.90, regular $50.00

Remember – these all ship FREE for a limited time!
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Sep 022009

So, it is almost that time again, my baby brother will be celebrating another birthday. This year he will be 25, how ridiculous is that?! Well, I thought, since I AM the lovingist sister he has ever had, I should do a special shout out to him and recognize some of our fun times together. Here goes (in no particular order):
  • Remember when I smashed your hand on Christmas morning? I still feel bad about that, I feel tingles in my hand just typing it out.
  • Remember when we jammed out to horrible music on the beach patio that one year?! Mom was SO embarrassed, that was AwEsOmE!
  • Remember when you would ride your bike so close to mine that you would scrape my wheel, gosh I HATED that! Or when we’d fix our chains because they fell off.
  • Remember when we got to ride in the back of BJ’s Dodge truck to the river for fish fries? Or the crazy devil lady who’s kids couldnt come out after dark because Satan was lerking.
  • Remember when I won the lottery and gave you half? Me either, but one day… one day…
  • Remember when you car hood flew up on the car? I thought I was going to have a heart attack, so glad you weren’t hurt. Who needs pins?
  • Remember when you would not eat crabs with me at 3 in the morning at grandma’s? You were so mean, how could you not want to eat crabs at 3am?
  • Remember that friend who decided to sit in a cell rather than pay up? I am so glad you are a smart guy!
  • Remember when our aunt let you wear beads in our pictures, thank goodness we didn’t know about “happy” people back then. Wasn’t Dad so mad about it? Wait, didn’t you have on eye shadow? Pretty boy!
  • Thanks for not smoking anymore – that stuff reeks and makes your teeth look funny.
  • My favorite times are when Mom wants to take pictures and we give her the best shots possible.

Man, the list is so much longer! But, after all this time of us duking it out and blaming whatever it is on each other, you’re still the best little brother in the world, and I am glad we went to the donut shop that morning. Can you imagine if a cop chose you before mom and dad did!? CREEPY :)

“Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.” Proverbs 27:6

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