Aug 182009

Ever since I can remember, my family and I have always had at least one “big” vacation a year. Well, 2009-10 school year calendars are out and my mom’s school has the SAME Spring Break week off as my daughter. Do you know what this means?! WE ARE GOING TO ORLANDO AGAIN!!! WooHoo!

My parents have been fortunate enough to pay off all their debts years ago; respectfully to my mom’s frugality and both of my parent’s plain old hard work. Since my baby brother and I are big kids now, my parents have enjoyed themselves a fantastic condo at Ron Jon in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Place to lay our head on this trip – check.

My dad is a Southwest Airlines connoisseur, he has accrued SO many flight miles in the past couple of months he could probably get us all there free. But, since SWA does “companion” tickets, maybe half of our group will fly free. Since there will most likely be 7 this go round, that is 3 free flights (roughly $1500 if we pay the same price for tickets as we did last Orlando trip). So, I found this sweet website a few years ago, Airfare Watchdog, where you can get emailed daily, weekly, monthly (you get the point) with the current deals from your local airports. I really like their emails because they have little anecdotes to make you more aware of flight needs and timeliness. Southwest does not sell their tickets THIS far in advance, but come October, we will be ready – check check.

Did I mention my dad flies a lot? He does it for his job, it is pretty awesome to be one guy in Texas but called all around the states to fix a crane or two. We will need to rent a car to get from the Orlando Airport to Ron Jon, to Astros preseason baseball, to the Space Center, to Disney and to dinner. The Math: My dad flies a lot, fliers need to rent cars, car renters earn renting points, therefore, my dad has racked in another bunch of car rental points – to be used in Orlando. Car rental for 7 folks – check check check.

So, I am pretty excited about our upcoming trip. Do you think if I start a countdown now, my coworkers will think I am wierd? I am just so excited!
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