Aug 182009

My first blog post ever. I am pretty excited to start this new journey!

I am a Christian who loves to read the Word and share what I think and believe about my life and what God could possibly have in store for my family and me. I will share some of my daily verses with you and maybe you will be able to tell me what you think about them as well, there are so many different perspectives!!!

My husband and I married in June 2008 in which I became a stepmom to the most brilliant and beautiful daughter. She is 10 and will be in the fifth grade this year, a real turning point in a little ladies life. She will face many challenges with friends, teachers, the world, and last, but definitely least, puberty. I am ready to bear all with her when she needs me, but, since I am a childless stepmom, I am in a new seat with watching toes I might tend to step on. Sorry in advance!

Finally, I love getting a good deal! I follow many forums and blogs for shoppers looking for bargains. I am not yet a professional, but I have had quite a few $0 grocery bill totals. Did anybody else love the Kroger Mega doubles last Saturday?! I will try my hardest to let you know any rockin’ deals that I get my hands on.

I enjoy your constructive criticism to make this blog as friendly and enjoyable as possible.

Let’s get this party started!

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