Aug 272009

So, my husband has been on a work out kick – waking up at 5:30-6:00 is his idea of fun right now. I think he likes it because it ruffles my feathers getting up that early to torture myself with early morning news and bad music. It isn’t all that bad, the time we get to spend together when we get to the gym is encouraging and fun. Like today, he kept fighting with his ear buds because he didn’t know an easy solution would be to string them though your shirt so the wire wont fall in your face and around your arms, he is so handsome! I didn’t know to use the opposite leg when kneeling on the bench for triceps curls, no wonder I kept creeping off the bench – I am so pretty. We both saved the day – it is win win.

BUT, the kicker about waking up so early in the morning is I don’t like to run early in training for the Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon/Half Marathon. Dakota likes to get out for a jog, but she is a lolly-gagger, so she can’t run 35 minutes without getting in front of me at some time. So, I like to run in the afternoon/evening, it is easier on me and I have had ALL day to warm up! [That's my story and I am sticking to it!] “How long do I run for?”, you ask. Well, I will show you what I use to gauge my time:


Right now I am at 35 minutes/ 4ish miles and yes, my friends, that IS, in fact, a kitchen timer and my IPod. “Why?”, you ask. Well, since the title of my blog is “Frugal Stepmom” it might be obvious, but I am SO frugal at the present moment due to some fantastic deals we just dived our home in to and have you seen the prices on heart rate watches!? I went to the local sporting goods store this past weekend to price them out – $50-$1,000,000 (no kidding!) Ok, maybe I stretched it a little. But still, so I am saving my loose change now to be able to purchase the right equipment before the big day. November 15, 2009.

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